On December 13, 2015 stamp makers, resellers and end customers were invited to a launch event of the new COLOP Printer. Around 75 customers, mainly from Cairo and surrounding areas, followed the invitation of our representative.

The event was held in a beautiful hotel in Cairo. As the name of the event already suggests the focus was on the presentation of the new COLOP Printer. In particular, the personalisation option and the therefore provided software tools called ImageCard Designer and ICD7 were very well received.

Besides other novelties of COLOP were presented, such as the Pocket Stamp Plus, the ideal address stamp to go. The guests also really liked COLOPs 809 colour, which allows stamping on polyethylene, which means plastic such as used for plastic bags.

After the presentations, the invitees enjoyed the evening with good food. To remain in our guests memory, they got a goody bag, which included in addition to a Printer presentation box, also a DVD with the presented slides and other useful files, a COLOP T-shirt and much more.

Big thanks go to El Maayergy, our Egyptian representative, which managed a perfectly organised event. Many participants have told us already during the event that they are looking forward to work with this new product in Egypt.