The stamp maker partners of R+C Inc. gathered again to spend a great day together in September. The Hungarian COLOP distributor is well known among its customers for its perfectly organised customer parties. This year’s event was held south of Budapest, at Nádas Resting Place. Next to the restaurant there is a small artificial lake, and a lovely park with a unique atmosphere.

In this wonderful place all of the 200 customers could take part in exciting adventure games or a cooking competition. In addition to this they arranged some wine tasting for their guests as well.

After the registration the presentation started, which was mainly about the novelties of R+C. Eniko Koronky the director of R+C INC, introduced the new Printer sizes 10, 50 and 60, EOS flash devices, Micro stamps pads and the Penstamp Alu Magnet, an attractive pen, which has the added function of a portable stamp.

The Director announced that R+C INC. had acquired the ANTRA-MARK Ltd in October, 2014. The ANTRA-MARK offers showroom accessories: leaflet holders/brochure holders/print holders and shop accessories for commercial marking. These include pricing and labeler guns as well as self-adhesive labels for pricing.

After the official part the guests formed teams and the games started. In every spot they could collect points, and after the games it turned out which team was the best.

Having finished the competition they walked back to the restaurant and began the dinner. After that R+C announced the results, handed over the prizes and started the DISCO, where the guests danced until dawn.

Nice weather, fine meals, happy people - It was a great day!