In the end of September, 25 employees of our subsidiary Unigraphics from Sweden made a company trip to Austria to visit the headquarters of COLOP. For that occasion Unigraphics had to travel about 1,800 km by bus. It made us very happy that we were able to welcome the group in Wels.

The employees of Unigraphics reached our main plant after driving for about 15 hours. After a short break for refreshment and strengthened with a breakfast our guests were welcomed by COLOPs CEO Ernst Faber and our responsible export manager for Sweden Andreas Thallinger. This was followed by a company presentation about numbers, facts and figures and new products to bring the employees of Unigraphics up to date. After that there was a company tour on the schedule. Our visitors showed great interest in the new production hall for injection molding and in the two new fully automated Printer machines.

In the afternoon we went to the nice small town “Gmunden”, where we took the cable car up the “Grünberg” mountain. Once at the top we enjoyed the view from the panoramic trail before we stopped for lunch in the restaurant “Grünbergalm”.

After lunch the group split up. While some opted for a hike, the others tried summer tobogganing in the afternoon.

The grand finale was a boat trip on lake “Traunsee” to explore the beautiful landscape of the region “Salzkammergut” by late summer temperatures.

Finally we took the bus back to Wels. After checking in at the hotel, the group walked to a typical pub called “Mostheurigen”.There we enjoyed the Austrian culture by eating a good cold snack and drinking fresh “Sturm” (a special kind of Austrian wine). The perfect way to let the evening come to an end.