COLOP Arts & Crafts


COLOP Arts & Crafts

COLOP Arts and Crafts, a former part of the RoyalPosthumus group, was taken over by the majority shareholder COLOP and COLOP Arts and Crafts' managing director Mr. Jacques Ahn at the beginning of 2019.

Jacques Ahn worked for RoyalPosthumus for more than 20 years. He was the driving force and the creative head in developing and selling attractive stamp products to the Arts & Crafts market.

Valuable brands, like NIO, Woodies or ALTA were built up in these years and taken over by COLOP Arts and Crafts. In the field of product development COLOP and COLOP Arts and Crafts have joined forces to continuously enlarge and improve the brand and product portfolio.

For the time being a team of five movitated and creative people are working for this company.


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