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With the takeover of the promising creative segment of the Belgian-Dutch company RoyalPosthumus in Belgium in early 2019, COLOP was able to build up its third business area.
Behind COLOP Arts & Crafts is a strong team of experts, gathered around the Managing Director Jacques Ahn. They all possess many years of experience in the field of handicraft and decoration.
COLOP Arts & Crafts successfully develops and sells innovative stamp concepts, which are either produced by COLOP in Austria or the Czech Republic.
COLOP Arts & Crafts offers a wide range of creative and attractive stamp products for various occasions:


NIO, which has won the German Design Award 2019 in the stationery category, is not just a stamp. NIO is a whole concept of stamps, accessories, colours and stamp pads originating from the need of customers to meet their constantly growing desire for individuality.

The NIO Family consist of following members:

  • The customisable NIO stamp: customers can create their text plates online via the NIO stamp configurator
  • Little NIO: customers can choose out of 15 stamp sets on various themes (such as wedding, kitchen, school, ..) and two stamp pad collections.
  • NIO Monogram: a ready to use stamp for bridal pairs, paper lovers and bookworms, the perfect companion to personalise items with initials.

The high-quality Woodies wooden stamp sets offer creatives as well as craft and decoration enthusiasts a large selection of different stamp motifs on various leisure topics in trendy and colours.

Vintage Stamps
The high-quality Vintage Stamps contain retro-style illustrations and calligraphies on various leisure topics, giving every project an appealing note and an sophisticated special touch.

The ALTA seals collection allow you to make a lasting impression - anything from business cards, letters, invitations, paper and envelopes can be embellished by an embossed stamp.

May & Berry
The "May & Berry stamp collection" was designed in close collaboration with the two well known Instagram-Bloggers Jasmin and Sue. Together with the creative trendsetters in the fields of design, illustration, hand lettering and typography, this stamp collection is marketed and distributed internationally.

Protect Kids Stamp

With the new Protect Kids Stamp, COLOP is offering parents a creative aid to help children follow the hygiene directives. An imprint on the palm of the hand, with dermatologically certified stamp ink, reminds children to wash their hands regularly.

An imprint of the Protect Kids Stamp is applied to the back and/or to the inside of the child’s hand soon after getting up in the morning. The “virus monster” imprint is intended to motivate children in a playful way to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. If everything has been done correctly, the imprint should no longer be visible in the evening, because after about five washes it is completely washed off.

The Microban® technology which is incorporated into each stamp gives the Protect Kids Stamp protection against harmful microbes and inhibits the growth of bacteria throughout the product life of the stamp. Since Microban® is incorporated during the production process, the protection does not wash off or wear off. However, Microban® does not protect against viruses or inhibit the spread of viruses.

In addition to our existing Protect Kids Stamp, another stamp edition is now on the market, which encourages children to wash their hands with its playful design.
The Cleany hand washing stamp is currently available in three versions and is intended to appeal to children between the ages of three and eight: the orange Cleany lion makes paw imprints, the purple Cleany octopus stamps stars and the white Cleany unicorn leaves heart imprints.
The pad ink is black (dermatologically tested ink). A soap, that matches the design and complies with the guidelines of the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) is also included in the packaging.
An animation video with its own “scrub scrub song” and matching choreography provides additional hand washing motivation.
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