B2B Solutions

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COLOP offers a wide range of electronic solutions, perfectly built for an outstanding online and shopping experience. The COLOP eSolutions are absolutely simple, user friendly and intuitive in all aspects. And moreover available in several versions, depending on the distribution channels and the customer's needs.

Marketing Support

COLOP offers "State of the Art" communication and marketing support for its partners. Both online and offline.

Advantages for COLOP Partners

The cooperation with COLOP offers comprehensive advantages for COLOP partners - for COLOP general distributors, stamp makers as well as for the trade.

Our customers say…

Andreas Kruszena

Andreas Kruszena

Former owner and managing director, COLOP Poland, Poland

"The partnership with COLOP over the last 25 years has shaped COLOP Polska into a great and very successful company, which in the meantime employs almost 40 people."