Flash Systems

Optimally adjusted for the production of EOS stamps

Compact, easy-to-use Flash Machines FS-800 and FS-1200T

Optimized for the whole EOS-product range and the system guarantees excellent results every time.

  • The robust shutter mechanism distributes the pressure optimally on the flash text plate

  • The flash process starts automatically by closing the lid

  • Magnetic distance plates allow a fast switch-over of the particular EOS-systems

  • EOS Typesetting Tool Download

    Software included. Download here: eostst.colop.com

COLOP Flash Machine

The COLOP Flash Machines are microprocessor controlled exposure systems for quick and easy exposure of flash foam die plates.

EOS Typesetting Tool

The EOS Typesetting Tool contains everything the user will need to create textplates in minutes.