Polymer Systems

For the production of text plates

Text plate production of Polymer

COLOP offers everything from liquid polymer to Imagepac up to polymer machines and the necessary additional materials.

  • Polymer Machine

    Double-sided exposure unit with integrated post-exposure and wash out unit.

  • Photopolymer

    Extensive additional materials for polymer text plate production

  • Imagepac

    Clean and fast solution for qualitative polymer text plates

COLOP cover film

A fine but solid protective film, which keeps the glass surface of your polymer machine clean. It protects the negative film and gives excellent transparency results.

COLOP backing sheet

The backing sheet gives the text die the necessary stability – especially in case of text/date stamps.

COLOP foam border tape

The pre-cut foam border tape narrows down the selected plate format and serves as a “rallying point” for the polymer to be poured in.

COLOP Washout Agent

The COLOP Washout Agent gives the necessary smoothness to the bristles of the wash out system of the polymer machine. It efficiently cleans the text die, but at the same time, retains even the finest text details. COLOP polymer, in combination with the COLOP Washout Agent, guarantees a smooth, non sticky surface.

COLOP Antifoam

The use of COLOP Antifoam stops foam formation when washing out the polymer text die.

Imagepac Detac Salt

The IMAGEPAC Detac Salt reduces the post exposure time, therefore prolonging the life of the expensive UV lamps. At the same time, the IMAGEPAC Detac Salt gives traditionally made polymer text dies a harder, non sticky surface.

Imageblack Film

With the help of the film you can create a negative with an inkjet printer in an easy, fast and cost-efficient way. One of the big advantages is that the printed negative doesn’t have to be retreated with chemicals. As the product itself isn’t subject to any restrictions there are no shipping regulations which must be complied.