COLOP at Paperworld 2016

This year, COLOP was once again represented at Paperworld, where it got the chance to introduce customers from around the world to its new products. As usual, the event was conducted in an extremely welcoming yet highly professional atmosphere.

COLOP Printer – news about COLOP's bestseller

At this year's Paperworld, COLOP again focused on its bestselling product – the Printer – which was launched with great success in 2014 and is now being sold extremely well all around the world. It was not just its contemporary design that impressed. In addition, the XXL ImageCard™ personalisation idea was particularly popular amongst numerous stamp manufacturers, office supplies businesses and end customers.
One surprise was the new Printer 'Art Edition' presented by COLOP, which will be available from spring 2016. It features new artistic ImageCard™ designs for the COLOP Printer, which deliberately pay homage to well-known works of art and artists.

Motivational Stamps

COLOP's trade fair stand had a show case devoted to the theme 'Motivational Stamps', which COLOP used to exhibit this new stamps. These 'flash stamps' are – as the name suggests – made using flash technology and are equipped with positive, motivating messages. For example, a selection of attractive imprints were showcased at the event which are designed for use in school and include 'gold star' and 'thumbs up' designs for motivation, accompanied by texts such as 'well done' to reward pupils.

Embossing press

In addition to the 'Special Edition' and 'Motivational Stamps', COLOP's trade fair stand also featured a new, high-quality embossing press. The handle and bottom of this embossing press with a modern and practical design have been fitted with soft rubber. This not only looks good, but also makes stamping a pleasant experience, prevents unwanted scratches on the desk and ensures stability. The ergonomic functions mean minimum effort is required to stamp paper weighing up to 160 g.

Pocket Stamp Plus

The new Pocket Stamp Plus from COLOP also attracted a great deal of attention at the fair. Due to an increase in demand, this super handy pocket address stamp is now available in size 30 as well as size 20, giving users even more room for address information with up to 5 lines, for instance. The model comes in six attractive colours. A Microban® version of the stamp with antibacterial protection was also released recently, as was a Green Line version, which is designed for environment-conscious people.

Green Stamps

Once again skillfully staged at the booth was COLOPs Green Line range, which occupies an increasingly important role. Not least because of this it was recently extended by two additional products. Due to an increase in demand, the 'Green Line' Printer range is now available in size 50 as well as sizes 20, 30 and 40. The Pocket Stamp Plus mentioned above is now also offered in a Green Line version, as stated previously.
Based on the large amount of positive feedback from customers, Paperworld 2016 was a major success. It gives us plenty of reason to be convinced that this year shows just as much promise, with new and interesting products, but also exciting ideas and projects on the cards.

Your COLOP Team