COLOP Poland – new member of the COLOP Group

At the end of November, the purchase contract between COLOP Austria and Andreas Kruszena, the previous majority owner of COLOP Poland, was signed. COLOP has thus taken over the majority share of the Polish general distributor and warmly welcomes the company and the whole team in Bytom. A special day for Andreas Kruszena: “With great pride I hand over the majority of my company to COLOP, with which I have been able to become so successful in recent years.”

The current CEO and owner of shares, Robert Baran, will continue to run the company in a proven manner. At a joint dinner, he announced: “I am looking forward to the intensive work with COLOP Austria. My goal is to lead the company successfully and dynamically in the sense of Andreas and COLOP.”

Since 1991, COLOP has been working with Andreas Kruszena. In the past few years he and Robert Baran have shaped COLOP Poland into a great and very successful company, which in the meantime employs almost 40 people.

COLOP CEO Ernst Faber emphasized in the context of the takeover once again: “I want to especially thank Andreas for his excellent work for COLOP. With its experience, dynamism and success COLOP Poland fits perfectly into our company portfolio. We are convinced that this takeover will be another positive part of our company history.”

Your COLOP team