COLOP Germany took part in 2018 at WETEC, which took place in Stuttgart from 15 to 17 February. The fair, focusing on advertising technology, digital printing, illuminated advertising and Digital Signage, provided an ideal setting for COLOP to introduce its products, systems and assessories for text plate production.

EOS stamps and systems

The focus of COLOP´s presentation at the show was on the popular and well-proven Flash stamps in attractive design. The technoloy for the production of “flash” stamps is constantly being developed and today already enables the prodcution of a personalised customer stamp withing a few minutes directly in the shop. The EOS Line is an ideal supplement to the COLOP of self-inking stamps, because it offers in additon large and extra-large text formats, which are not produceable with self-inking stamps due to their size.

COLOP Germany showed the necessary software as well as production and marketing equipment to start the in-store production of EOS stamps, which means the production directly at the point of sale. A profitable way to service immediately the customer – ideally for stamp makers, advertising engineers, print shops, sign suppliers, stationers, etc.

Motivational Stamps

In addition, COLOP presented its Motivational Stamps. These stamps are teacher stamps from the EOS range, which are equipped with colourful, positively motivating subjects and are ideal to reward students for their work.

"Paper Bag" stamps

Last but not least, COLOP focused on a new application field for stamps called “Paper Bag Stamps”. The background of this idea is that more and more companies switch over from plastic bags to paper bags. Of course paper bags can be bought ready designed and printed, but there are a lot of companies, e.g. shops, for which a print is not useful.

The stamp – either a large EOS-stamp, one of the COLOP self-inkers or a combination of the COLOP Top Pad with a corresponding stamp offers the perfect solution for a demand of that kind. It is quickly available, can be used again and again, can also be used for other use cases and exactly the amount of paper bags can be imprinted as demanded. Last but not least a stamp imprint offers a certain charm – each paper bag is more or less unique.

COLOP Germany can look back on three positive fair days, marked by many well-known and new contacts. The visitors enjoyed the presentation of new, exciting products and systems at the COLOP fair stand.

Your COLOP Team