International China Seal Exhibition 2017

COLOP was present at the international China Seal Exhibition 2017, which took place in Changsha, Hunan Province from 9th - 10th December. The China Seal Exhibition is the most important and the biggest exhibition for the stamp industry in China.

For COLOP and its new subsidiary COLOP Stamp (Guangzhou) the fair was the perfect platform to launch 4 new products called Network Stamps in the following sizes: round 42 mm, round 40 mm, oval 30x45 mm and square 20 x 20 mm

These stamps were developed particularly for the Chinese stamp market. In China, official stamps or network stamps are registered with the local police or government authorities. The registration information can be saved on a USB or RFID which is included in the stamp.

COLOP has developed the official stamp as a network stamp with 3 options to put RFID / USB. This is unique - it gives highest flexibility!

Beside these options the customers particularly liked the metal rod and the 4 gliding elements that give highest stability and long-lasting product life.

The team of COLOP Stamp (Guangzhou) thanks the numerous rubber stamp maker for visiting COLOP and looks forward to seeing them next year again.

Your COLOP Team