Pocket Stamps as ideal solution for registration requirement in gastronomy

COLOP offers ideal solution for registration requirement in gastronomy:

With pocket stamps leave own contact details behind in seconds

In order to track corona chains of infection, fast and reliable solutions are of great importance. The COLOP reacted quickly to the new Corona regulations that prevail in many places already and offers an optimal solution with its pocket stamps and stamp pens. The small and personal stamps, which even fit on a bunch of keys, allow the data to be stored quickly upon the contact form. All necessary data can be saved by only one imprint. You can leave your own data behind and follow the new guidelines in an exemplary manner without tedious filling out forms manually. This not only saves time, but also makes a decisive contribution to protection and security during this challenging time.

Leave contact details behind in seconds
According to the current state of knowledge, the coronavirus unfortunately is far from defeated. For autumn 2020 and the upcoming winter, it is important to protect yourself from further spread of Covid 19 and a second wave of infections. If a Covid-19 case occurs in a restaurant, for example, the health care authority should be allowed to inspect the forms completed by the guests - prerequisite is of course that the registration requirement is in force.

The provision of the data is intended to help the health care authorities in the event of an infection to enable a quick follow-up of contact persons (contact tracing). Other possible infected people can be identified quickly and any chain of infection can be broken, which contributes to an important protection of the public.

Ideal solution from COLOP in times of Corona
COLOP provides helpful solutions with different stamp models. Thanks to their practical size, the handy Pocket Stamp Plus, the compact Stamp Mouse or the elegant pen stamp, which are 100 percent made in Europe, fit in any hand or trousers pocket. This means that the data can be left behind within in seconds when you visit a restaurant, for example.

“It is important that the stamp contains all the necessary personal data. But apart from being used for contact forms, the pocket stamps are ideal as address stamps for various occasions. All three models are available in different colours and designs and can easily be ordered directly from the stamp maker. The finalised pocket stamp should be delivered to the respective customer after 48 hours at the latest,” says Ernst Faber, CEO of COLOP.

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