Protect Kids Stamp on display at the “Museum der Dinge” in Berlin

The Berlin “Museum der Dinge” (Museum of Things) is currently focusing on a collection of contemporary products and everyday culture and, due to the present situation, on consumer goods that reflect the corona pandemic. A first selection of this „Crisis Collection” is being presented in their online gallery - showcasing the Protect Kids Stamp from COLOP.

“We are pleased that the Protect Kids Stamp made it into the “Crisis Collection” of the Berlin Museum der Dinge. The online gallery, where a variety of products can be found, can be visited very comfortably from home and is therefore available to a wide audience,”
says Ernst Faber, CEO of COLOP

The idea Behind the Protect Kids Stamp

The idea of the Protect Kids Stamp came about at the beginning of the corona pandemic and has since then been in demand and ordered in many countries around the world.

The Concept – A Reminder to Wash Your Hands

An imprint on the hand, made with dermatologically certified ink and showing the motif of a "virus monster" is a playful reminder to wash hands regularly.

Who is the Stamp Aimed at?

The stamp is aimed at families, children and anyone who wants to be reminded to wash their hands regularly by means of a simple and creative idea – in order to subsequently reduce the risk of infection.

Check out the Berlin "Museum der Dinge" online gallery: