The 25th anniversary of R+C Inc.

The Hungarian Colop Distributor’s Customer Party 2016

The stamp maker partners of R+C Inc. gathered again to spend a great day together in the middle of September. This time was a special event because R+C celebrated its 25th birthday this year. A really unique place of Budapest was reserved, on the 495-meter-tall Hármashatár-Hill. From the peak, the view of Budapest is truly spectacular; in good visibility conditions even all of Budapest bridges can be seen.

The presentation started directly after the registration, which was mainly about the novelties of R+C. Among several other things the new size of Pocket Stamp Plus 30 was introduced and the Pen Stamp Alu Magnet Touch. The attractive pen has an added function of a portable stamp as well as a new soft plastic part to operate tablet touch-screens and smartphones more easily.

The Director announced that R+C Inc. had acquired the 5K paper bag division in April 2016. Within this branch standard and branded paper bags are produced. With this acquisition R+C can offer a new product line to their clients.

The other R+C division ANTRA-MARK also offers some new products of showroom accessories: leaflet holder, brochure holder, print holder for forms, price lists, and so on and shop accessories for commercial marking. Here also included the pricing and labeller guns as well as self-adhesive labels for pricing.

After the delicious dinner the Eurovision Song Contest began, where customer had to imitate and perform famous songs and artists. DJ Smash guided the guests and participants through the great program. A four member jury voted on the performances. It was an amusing night and the after party lasted until dawn.

Your COLOP Team