World-Environment-Day 2016

Remembering the opening of the United Nations conference with a focus on the protection of the environment on June 5, 1972 in Stockholm, the United Nations declared June 5 the annual “Earth Day”. Global ecological bravery is encouraged with various measures on this day, in which around 150 countries participate. So also Austria and the Austrian stamp manufacturer COLOP with its worldwide partners. For the company it is important to make its environmentally friendly products known to the general public. Besides COLOP representatives and partners from the stamp industry set on creative activities due to its proximity to customers.

With targeted advertising measures such as advertisements, press releases, newsletters, promotions, sales supporting marketing materials, etc. COLOP tries its best to promote the sale of the “Green Line” and to create a greater awareness of ‘green’ office supplies for years. This intension is mainly forced in the week around the World-Environment-Day – that means from 30 May to 06 June 2016. COLOP distributors, dealers and stamp makers around the world are asked via newsletter and Facebook to take part with various activities on the World-Environment-Day, putting a focus on the sale of ‘green’ stamp products. Various e-mail flyers, advertising materials (stickers, cotton bags, posters and post-its), press photos and online banners are available to support them actively and to help setting the ‘Green Line’ perfect in scene.

COLOP is looking forward to a high level of participation!

Your COLOP Team