In 2013, the businesses of William Jones Clifton (est. 1838 ), Mark C Brown (est. 1930 ) and Ludwig (est. 1910) were merged into one company with the name changed to COLOP UK Ltd. Over the following five years the company continued to expand its stationery market sales activities whilst growing market share in the wholesaler markets.

At the end of May 2019, COLOP UK re-located to fit for purpose premises in Birmingham.

Chris Deighton leads a team of 12 colleagues focusing on 3 market sectors:

(a) Traditional – rubber stamps, stock and custom mainly driven through the Office Supplies Market
(b) Digital – Market leading electronic solutions with the COLOP e-mark and Reiner marking solutions
(c) Arts & Crafts – A wide range of Craft stamps and a new offering of temporary tattoos

October 2019, the COLOP e-mark made a hugely successful debut on TV shopping channel Create & Craft and now continues to be aired on TV with a new partner.

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