COLOP donates 3x 1.000 € to organisations that need help

All good things come in threes: With a donation of 1.000 EUR each, this Christmas COLOP is making a solidarity contribution to three organisations: In addition to the Welser Tafel, which provides warm meals, food and clothing to people in need from the region, also the abandoned and sick animals that are cared for at the Gunskirchner Wiesmayrgut receive support. Another EUR 1.000 go to the Althoff circus, which stranded in Wels and which was hit hard by the crisis. On Tuesday, December 1st, 2020, the donation checks were presented to all three of them at the COLOP company in Wels.

Solidarity is required
“In these challenging times, but especially at Christmas, solidarity, cohesion and mutual support are required. As a company based in Wels, it is particularly important to us to support organisations in the region that need help right now. With this fundraising campaign we want to make a contribution so that people can spend a peaceful Christmas time but also animals can get through the cold winter days safely”, says Ernst Faber, CEO of COLOP.

Donation to the Welser Tafel
Separations, little pensions, strokes of fate or illness can bring people in need - also in our country. Often the money is not enough to pay for a living - sometimes it is not even enough for a warm meal per day.
Since 12 years, the Welser Tafel has been offering breakfast, warm meals and food for fair prices as well as emergency packages, clothing and rooms for communication and social contacts for people who have to get by with only a few hundred euros a month.
With the contribution of 1.000 EUR by COLOP, around 40 people can be provided with a warm meal for a week, for example, or an emergency package can be sent to families with children for 16 weeks.

Animals need support
The Wiesmayrgut in Gunskirchen near Wels is facing lost income due to the corona situation. In order to prevent the lack of necessary money for pet food, veterinary care and support, COLOP helps the association with another 1.000 EUR. In this way, abandoned, sick and old animals shall continue to be offered a loving home.

Help for the Althoff circus
Due to the lockdown and the ban on events, the circus is currently stuck in Wels. As a result, the circus family of twelve people cannot earn a living and is facing an existential crisis. In order to continue to afford at least the necessary fixed costs for food, heating and feed for the animals, COLOP supports the circus with another 1.000 EUR.

If you also would like to support these organisations as well:
Welser Tafel:
Wiesmayrgut: Tel: +437242/62908,
Althoff circus, Degen family: Tel: +43660/7603361

Your COLOP Team