The most commonly asked questions

1. Is it possible to buy a stamp product directly at COLOP as an end customer?

Unfortunately not. You can buy our products exclusively at qualified retailers (online and offline).
You can find a short overview of stamp makers and office product dealers in your country here: COLOP Dealer Locator

2. The pad of my self-inking stamp is empty and the imprint is getting light, what can I do?

We recommend to buy an original spare pad at a qualified retailer (online and offline). On the rear side of the pad you can find the respective article description of your original COLOP pad.
You can find a short overview of stamp makers and office product dealers in your country here: COLOP Dealer Locator

3. The pad of my stamp needs replacing. How do I do this?

The pad exchange on COLOP products works very easily. For support you can find some videos on our YouTube channel.

4. I bought a Green Line stamp. What does that mean exactly?

Congratulations! You own a stamp which is predominantly made of sustainable and recycled materials. E.g. for a Printer Green Line a share of 70% recycled materials is used.
Furthermore the Green Line stamps are CO2 neutral, that means unavoidable CO2 emissions are compensated by investments in a climate protection project (GOLD STANDARD project).

5. I bought a Microban stamp. What does that mean exactly?

These stamps are equipped with a Microban® antibacterial protection. This means, that the growth of harmful bacteria is prevented. In daily life stamps are used by many different people – they are often touched and bacteria are transmitted. This protection is directly integrated into the product during the production process, thus it can not be washed off and it is harmless to health.

6. I bought a DIY stamp. Do I have to pay attention to anything when I set the text?

When you set the DIY die plate it is important to start back-to-front, as your text is mirrored when making your imprint.

7. In which countries do you produce COLOP products?

COLOP’s quality products are almost exclusively manufactured in Europe, whereby the majority is produced at the headquarters in Wels, Austria.

8. Which stamp size and format fits best to my desired imprint?

A stamp maker or retailer would be glad to support you by answering these questions. When ordering online usually a product finder helps you, step by step, to find the right product (number of lines and characters, date, logo, etc.).

9. Which kind of stamps can I personalise?

COLOPs Printer Standard with extra large and transparent image window is perfect for personalisation. Please visit therefore the website www.imagecard.colop.com. Also our EOS models can be personalised with simple printed paper as ImageCards™. After choosing your stamp model you can add pictures or texts to the empty template. Than print it, cut it, put it in your stamp and your personalised stamp is ready.

10. The date or text in my date stamp doesn’t print properly. What can I do to fix this?

If the date is not entirely printed, the two screws besides the date area have to be screwed in (clockwise). If the text is not entirely printed, the two mentioned screws have to be screwed anti-clockwise.

For visualisation you can find an explanation video on the COLOP YouTube channel.

11. How to remove colour stains on different materials?

Clothes: As clothes are absorbent materials it is not possible to remove colour stains. The only possibility is to use iron-on patches.
Non-absorbent materials (e.g. table): If ink gets on a non-absorbent surface you can wipe it away with a wet cloth.

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