COLOP Microban® stamps for more hygiene in the workplace

Stamps with antibacterial protection are an ideal way to complement existing hygiene concepts in the workplace. Health and hygiene continue to play an important role, especially at places where many people are working together in the same space. With its Microban® stamp range, COLOP the international manufacturer of modern stamps and marking solutions, contributes towards more protection and security.

In everyday working life, a stamp often goes through many hands and thus carries a certain risk of infection by bacteria. In order to keep this as low as possible, COLOP offers a range of stamps equipped with Microban® antibacterial protection. The special aspect of Microban technology is that it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Microban protection on key touch points
For antibacterial protection, Microban 3G-Silver™ additives are already incorporated into the plastic in the production process, and thus into the most important contact areas such as the grip area of the stamp. In this way, the protection remains effective for the entire product life of the stamp and cannot be washed off. This special technology has been tested and is not a health hazard. It should be noted that Microban antibacterial protection does not protect against viruses.

COLOP stamps with the additional hygienic benefit
A total of three stamp lines are offered with proven Microban technology: the stamps of the COLOP Classic Line but also the Printer models are available with Microban protection. The Pocket Stamp Plus is also offered with an antibacterial finish from Microban. This can be operated with just one hand - a simple mechanism opens and closes the pocket stamp - making it the perfect companion for on the go.

Tip: The Pocket Stamp Plus Microban is also perfectly suited as a practical contact details stamp. Used in the course of the current guest registry requirement that is in force in many places - such as in restaurants - all necessary personal information can be left in seconds with an imprint on the form.

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