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e-mark® secure

A new level of document security

The falsification of documents is easier than ever before. Documents can be ordered illegally via the Internet or simply forged on the basis of a suitable template. The damage to the economy and society is immense.
With the e-mark® secure we provide a unique solution for forgery-proof protection and easy verification of important physical and digital documents, fully mobile and useable everywhere.

How does the e-mark® secure work?

The secure process consists of two parts:

  • The authentication by the issuer of a document
  • The verification by the recipient of a document

The issuer authenticates a document by means of the authentication app, which generates a unique encrypted key as QR-code.

This code is then printed directly on physical or virtually on digital documents with the e-mark® secure mobile printer. The document is scanned, scrambled, encrypted and stored in the block-chain.

The recipient can verify the document by simply scanning the code with any QR code scanner. The verification app opens automatically and provides decrypted traceability information as well as the scan of the original document.

Authenticating important documents

The issuer can easily, within less than a minute, authenticate important documents to make them fake-proof. All they need is the
e-mark® secure printer and a smart phone with the e-mark secure authentication app.

Authentication process:

  • Download the e-mark® secure authentication app for iOS or Android
  • Register and connect the device
  • Select between multiple pages and scan page mode
  • App generates unique encrypted key as QR code
  • Print the code on the document
  • Scan the original document (if scan page mode selected)

The authentication app offers 2 modes:

Multiple pages mode

  • Advantage: quickly code every page of a document or several documents
  • Ideal in case traceability is sufficient
  • No document scan

Scan page mode

  • Advantage: high security through scanning the original document
  • By means of the scan mode, physical documents are being simultaneously digitised

Verifying important documents

The recipient of a physical or digital document can verify its authenticity by simply scanning the security QR code. Verify within seconds. Anytime, any place.

Verification process:

  • Download the e-mark® secure verification app for iOS or Android
  • Scan the secure code with any QR code scanner on your smartphone
  • The app tells you whether the verification was successful and displays the retrieved and decrypted information from the blockchain
  • In case the scan page mode was used during the authentication process, the scan of the original document will also be retrieved from the blockchain, which enables the recipient to crosscheck his document with the original