Additional function for additional motivation

The Motivational Stamp imprint which appears to come to life

Interesting, exciting and extraordinary. With the help of Augmented Reality, COLOP gives the funny and colourful stamp imprints of selected Motivational Stamps a great added value. A two-dimensional stamp imprint becomes a 3D animation.

  • Stamp imprint as a virtual 3D experience

  • Intuitive and easy to use with a tablet/smartphone + COLOP [AR] STAMP App

  • Attractive designs to collect

  • Ideal for pedagogues and parents to reward children in preschool or primary school

How to use

  • 1. Make an imprint

  • 2. Download free COLOP [AR] STAMP App

  • 3. Start COLOP [AR] STAMP App and scan imprint

  • 4. Enjoy AR-effect - animated 3D, sound

Augmented Reality in the stamping sector - motivation stamps with attractive added value

To motivate children and pupils or to reward them for good work is getting more and more difficult. It must be something easy to understand, it’s nice if it is something durable and it should be able to show to the parents, grandparents or friends. And last but not least – it should be exciting – something interesting or even extraordinary. The COLOP Motivational Stamp with its AR functionality fulfils all of these demands.

How does it work? It's quite simple: The stamp imprint is brought to life using a mobile devise like a tablet or a smartphone and an app. Because the joy of positive feedback becomes all the more when a stamp imprint becomes an experience, it puts a smile on their face and makes the student interested about learning more.


With the COLOP [AR] STAMP App the camera of a smartphone or tablet reacts on special stamp imprints of the COLOP Motivational Stamps. The app recognises the AR imprint in the viewfinder and shows the relevant animation. The COLOP [AR] STAMP App can be downloaded for free.

AR imprint

An imprint that works twice: immediately when the child finds it in their exercise book and a second time as soon as the imprint is awakened by using the COLOP [AR] STAMP App. In practice this means that the parents will watch the imprint through the mobile device together with their child and enjoy the animation.

Fun with collecting

The children can repeat the fun clip as often as they wish. This is because the imprint and an animation are stored in the app. They can collect “rewards” for good work and share it with their grandparents, friends or whoever they want to show it to.

Franz Ratzenberger

Franz Ratzenberger

Head of Int. Marketing & Sales

"COLOP is picking up on a mega trend with AR, making us a pioneer in the sector yet again. For the first time in the stamp history, a new dimension, and with it, new functionality, will be added to the two-dimensional stamp imprint."

Gerald Binder

Gerald Binder

Head of International Marketing

"The idea is very simple and therefore all the better because the two worlds - the analogue and the digital - are playfully combinded in a way that makes it fun for children."

Wolfgang Pichler

Wolfgang Pichler

Head of Product Management

"We’re using AR to add digital value for clients and end customers and to make stamps a little bit more modern again."