Microban® Stamps

Stamps with antibacterial protection

COLOP stamps with Microban® antibacterial protection

In daily life stamps are often handled by many different people – this means multiple hand impressions and the transfer of bacteria. Built-in during the point of manufacture, Microban® antibacterial protection inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

  • The main touch points have Microban® antibacterial protection built-in

  • COLOP is utilising Microban 3G Silver™ technology that is harmless for health. It will not wash off or wear away.

  • Left: Unprotected surface
    Right: Surface protected with Microban

  • COLOP regularly participate in the Microban Quality Assurance programme

Leading Ingredient Brand

The Microban® brand is the global leader in built-in antibacterial protection. The Microban brand is a valuable trust mark that will reassure your customers they’re getting safe, harmless for health, durable and effective antibacterial protection.

Our customers say…

Miroslav Schnircz

Miroslav Schnircz

Managing Director, GRAPP CZ, s.r.o. Czech Rebuplic

"Rubber-stamps with an antibacterial protection are very useful and not just for doctors and nurses but anytime the stamp is shared between users."

Microban Stamp in action 1 Microban Stamp in action 3 Microban Stamp in action 6 Microban Stamp in action 2 Microban Stamp in action 7 Microban Stamp in action 4 Microban Stamp in action 5