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Cleany stamps from COLOP Arts and Crafts 

Motivate children to wash their hands

With the Cleany stamps COLOP Arts & Crafts presents a new and child-friendly stamp edition for hand washing. Due to its appealing concept, like the accompanying music video, a hand washing song and a matching choreography, it aims at reminding children playfully to wash their hands regularly. With an imprint on the hand, young ones are motivated to wash their hands throughout the day, so that it is completely washed off by the evening.


Clean children's hands for better health
"Preventive measures such as hand washing have been part of everyday life around the world, especially since March 2020. While older children usually need a simple factual explanation to understand the necessity of washing their hands, the younger ones among us have to really be convinced”, says COLOP Arts & Crafts Managing Director Jacques Ahn. “Especially in kindergartens or schools, it is of great importance for educators keep an overview if the kids have washed their hands. With the Cleany stamps, COLOP Arts & Crafts takes on this topic in a playful way and presents a motivating and child-friendly solution,” according to the head of the COLOP subsidiary.

Three Cleany models
The Cleany stamp is available in 3 versions, which aim at all children from approx. 3 to 8 years of age: The orange Cleany lion makes paw prints, the purple Cleany Octopus stamps stars on children's hands and the white Unicorn Cleany distributes hearts.


This is how it works:
In the morning, right after getting up, the imprint of your favourite hero is stamped on the hand. The chosen Cleany motif accompanies the child through everyday life and reminds them that the imprint should have disappeared by dinnertime. For this to work, you need to wash your hands thoroughly several times (about five times) with soap and water. Incidentally, the Cleanys are each offered with a soap from a traditional Belgian soap manufacturer.


Creative overall concept: hand washing song and video
To make washing hands even more fun, an elaborate and lovingly designed animation video has been produced. The catchy "scrub’ scrub’ hand washing song" (available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer) and the associated choreography, encourage children in a contemporary way to playfully integrate a daily hand washing routine into their everyday lives. On the Cleany website, parents, educators, teachers and all those interested can find information about the stamp, the music video, educational material, instructions and tips.


Product advantages: Hygienic handles and harmless ink
Each Cleany stamps up to 3,000 times (or around 500 days with five to six daily imprints) and, as confirmed by Dermatest Germany, is equipped with a dermatologically tested  ink. The handles of the Cleany stamp are made of hygienic Microban® material. Incorporated directly during production, it gives the Cleanys a good protection against harmful microbes and inhibits the growth of bacteria throughout the product life of the stamp. A great advantage, if several hands use the stamp.


Made in Europe
The Cleanys are produced by COLOP at the company’s production site in the Czech Republic - at the main plant in Wels, Austria the Cleanys are packed and prepared for dispatch. As real Europeans, they stand for the highest quality, short transport routes, high-class raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes.


Price and availability
The product will be launched in the DACH region from June 2021 and will gradually be available in toy stores, drug stores, cosmetics stores, pharmacies and hobby and craft shops for € 14.50 including VAT. Other European countries such as France, BENELUX and England will follow in the next few months.