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Classic 2300


COLOP self-inking heavy duty stamp with a rectangular impression measuring 30 x 45 mm which allows up to 7 lines of text.

Échantillon d'empreinte
7 lignes 30 x 45 mm

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Information produit
Lignes de texte
Taille de l'empreinte
30 x 45 mm
Couleurs d'impression

The COLOP Classic 2300 is the best-selling text stamp from the Classic Line range. The classic self-inkers - the COLOP Classic Line - are used around the globe, in offices, agencies, in hotels, doctors' offices, pharmacies, wherever people stamp a lot. A sturdy steel frame combined with plastics parts make the stamp almost indestructible. plastics sliding elements ensure smooth, quiet stamping. The textplate of the Classic 2300 is rectangular measuring 30 x 45 mm and can show up to seven lines of text - great for a company address with telephone, fax and e-mail, with or without logo. Thanks to the image card in the index window the right stamp is easily found even among others.

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