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Expert 3160 Dateur


Self-inking date stamp for heavy duty with imprint size 24 x 41 mm and up to 2 lines additional custom text.

Échantillon d'empreinte
3 lignes 24 x 41 mm

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Information produit
Lignes de texte
Taille de l'empreinte
24 x 41 mm
Couleurs d'impression
Hauteur de la date/chiffres
4.0 mm

Perfect for a variety of text options, including a company address and business logo, the COLOP Expert Line 3160 is a typical date stamp. The 3160 is a very robust date stamp with a date format 12 NOV 2032 in 4 mm height. The device has a metal base - with a minimum of 80 % pure steel and an ergonomic handle made from tough plastics which will put up with repeated stamps in many busy office environments. Offering a dozen years of dating, the Expert Line 3160 metal stamp is built to last. It comes in a standard size, offering a rectangle-shaped imprint of 24 by 41 mm with 2 lines additional text. The available spare pads, E/2100 or E/2100/2, (which is bi-coloured) ensure that each of the product's imprints look precise and clear.