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Imagepac XTRA Photopolymer

Imagepac XTRA is a prepackaged liquid polymer.
Hardness: 50 Shore A
Thickness: 2,3 mm

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Additional benefits of IMAGEPAC XTRA:

  • No Stretch - Can be mounted and removed without distorting, just like a traditional plate
  • Adjustable plate floor - Allows the user to hold minimal floor with maximum plate relief
  • Plate base sticks to all standard adhesive tapes
  • Faster exposure-time than with IMAGEPAC

In addition the user has got all the benefits of IMAGEPAC:

  • No mess - No more pouring of resin, no spills and no need to clean up the exposure unit
  • No plate assembly time - No more laying film and tape and pouring resin, saving ten minutes on average per plate
  • Constant quality of textplates made of IMAGEPAC - constant thickness of textplates, no air-bubbles
  • Reduced waste - Typically provides the user with a reduction of up to 30% in waste resin, damming tape, coverlay and backing sheet

Available in: A4 (5 pcs.), A5 (10 pcs.), A7 (10 pcs.), A8 (20 pcs.)