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COLOP Stamp (Guangzhou) Limited

COLOP Stamp (Guangzhou) Limited was founded in Dongguan, a city in South China, in 2004 by Mr. Esmond Lee and Mr. Andy Lau. Both of them are also the founders of A E Stamp Sdn Bhd, the biggest stamp maker and distributor of stamping products in South East Asia, who has also been the exclusive distributor of COLOP in Malaysia since 1993.

After 12 years of market expansion in China, with the growing market of China, COLOP Austria, together with A E Stamp Malaysia, formed the new company COLOP Stamp (Guangzhou) Limited in 2017. The company covers China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

In 2018, COLOP Guangzhou started to sell the Textile Stamp successfully in China. This trend continues and we believe this is still the beginning of the whole project and we should achieve even better results in years to come. The e-mark will be the next big wave and we are making all the preparations for the product launch. COLOP Guangzhou currently has 12 employees and is selling all COLOP products as well as the very important e-mark.


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COLOP Stamp (Guangzhou) Limited
Unit 101, Block 50-1,1850 Creative Park,No. 200 Fangcun Road East,
Liwan District, Guangzhou,510000 China