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Things worth knowing about COLOP

The company COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co. KG is an independent commercial company which deals with the development, production, assembly and distribution of modern stamp and marking devices. COLOP is regarded as one of the region's flagship companies and is a global player within the industry with an export rate of nearly 98 % and more than 120 export markets supplied on a regular basis.

Working at COLOP

Exciting and varied work environment in an international production company.

Facts & Figures

Managing Director, CEO & Managing Director, CSO

Christoph Skopek &
Franz Ratzenberger

Company Foundation


15 Affiliated companies

13.200m2 Production plants

Wels/AT: 9500 m2
Borovany/CZ: 3700 m2

COLOP worldwide

500 employees customers in more than 130 markets

98% Export rate

1.000.000 stamp imprints

with a COLOP stamp is our quality standard

Our history


e-mark go launch

In February our new lifestyle printer has been launched. Developed with the clear aim of offering an extremely intuitive and easy handling which allows users a maximum of creativity and individuality.


New Printer Compact Line

Our new Printer Compact Series - Generation 8! From design to automated production - a big project was completed by our great employees in the last few months.


Retirement of Mr. Faber as Managing Director

After 37 successful years at COLOP, 31 of them as Managing Director, Ernst Faber is taking his well-deserved retirement.


New management at COLOP

Franz Ratzenberger, long-time head of sales and marketing at COLOP, becomes second managing director alongside Christoph Skopek.


Expansion USA

COLOP has now established its own sales subsidiary in the USA in order to be able to offer the entire product range under one umbrella brand and to develop long-term strategies for the US market.


Executive Management is expanded

Christoph Skopek, son of the companys founder Karl Skopek, strengthens the Executive Management alongside Ernst Faber.


Protect Kids Stamp Launch

The Protect Kids Stamp was developed out of necessity amid the corona pandemic and quickly launched on the market. Children are playfully reminded to wash their hands regularly with the stamp imprint of a virus monster.


COLOP e-mark create Launch

In mid-2020, a mobile printer with its own app was introduced: the e-mark create. It is ideally designed for private users and for creative use: handicrafts, designing, personalising, organising, preparations for events and parties and much more.


Founding of COLOP Arts and Crafts

In March 2019, COLOP takes over the “Arts & Crafts” area of ​​the Belgian-Dutch company RoyalPosthumus and enters the trendy creative, gift and hobby sector with stamp products.


COLOP e-mark Launch

In summer 2019, COLOP launches an innovative mobile printer/digital stamp – the COLOP e-mark. This world first is well received by customers and international award panels alike.


Founding of COLOP Digital

The subsidiary COLOP Digital is founded in Wels and a milestone is set in the future direction of COLOP.
COLOP Digital deals with the development of electronic and digital marking devices as well as the associated software and app solutions.


Redesign Office Line

COLOPs Office Line gets a new look. The result is a new Green Line model made of 75% recycled plastics, in a modern, light design.


Expansion India and China

The entire Asian market with more than 4 billion inhabitants is becoming increasingly important for COLOP. In order to be able to handle a substantial part of the Asian market directly and immediately, COLOP established sales offices in the metropolis Mumbai in India and Guangzhou in China.


COLOP Polska

COLOP Polska becomes the latest valuable member of the COLOP Group.


Relaunch Printer Standard

2014 sees the launch of the seventh generation of COLOP’s bestseller – the Printer Standard series. The latest Printer range features a unique and state-of-the-art design and stands out thanks to numerous innovations and improvements.


Pocket Stamp Plus

Having presented the first of its smart Pocket Stamps for everyday use more than ten years ago, COLOP announces a new pocket stamp, the Pocket Stamp Plus, in 2014. With its automatic slide mechanism, this innovative new stamp takes the successful concept to the next level.


Extension in Wels and Borovany

COLOP completes comprehensive extensions work at its head office in Wels and at its site in Borovany (CZ), putting in place the infrastructure needed to significantly increase production capacity once again.



COLOP founds its own subsidiary in Spain and merges its companies in the United Kingdom to form COLOP UK.


R+C (Hungary)

COLOP also acquires the Hungarian company R+C. This company had been a successful distribution partner for the Hungarian market for decades and had gained an extremely strong foothold in the stamp-making industry.


Expansion COLOP CZ

COLOP prides itself on manufacturing its products in Austria or other European countries. In 2012, the company considerably expands its production site in Borovany (CZ).


Printer Liquid Wood

COLOP begins to sell its Liquid Wood Printer in 2011. Made from liquid wood – an innovative and pioneering bioplastic based on wood – this stamp represents another unique product to join the stamping world.


Stamps with Microban® antibacterial protection

COLOP unveils the stamp-making industry’s latest innovation. The company becomes the first stamp manufacturer worldwide to include products with Microban® antibacterial protection in its portfolio.


Expert Line

2010 also sees the launch of COLOP’s Expert Line, a series of self-inking stamps made from more than 80% pure steel.


Compact Printer

This year sees the introduction of the Compact Printer, a further attractive range of stamps which meets the need of modern offices.


Stamp Mouse

Another highlight this year is the launch of the new Stamp Mouse, a unique pocket stamp with a simple click mechanism – all users have to do is press the two buttons and the stamp is ready to go!


Green Line

One further milestone in COLOP’s company history is the introduction of the Green Line. COLOP becomes the first company in the stamp-making industry to bring a series of ‘green stamps made predominantly from recycled plastic to the market.


EOS Line

COLOP launches a new range of products known as the EOS Line. This series comprises a new type of pre-inked stamp made using flash technology.


Redesign of Classic Line

COLOP sets the next benchmark in the stamp-making sector by redesigning and improving its successful Classic Line.


Mark C. Brown & Unigraphics

Unigraphics (Sweden) and Mark C. Brown (now COLOP UK) are incorporated into the COLOP Group.


Ernst Faber, sole CEO

Following Karl’s death, Ernst Faber takes the lead as COLOP’s sole managing director. Alongside his team, he continues working hard to keep COLOP’s spirit of innovation alive.


Karl Skopek passes away

The company’s founder, Karl Skopek, passes away on 24 June 2005. With more than 40 years of service within the industry, his death means the loss of one of the stamp-making sector’s most important personalities.


Redesign of Printer Standard Line

In 2004, the company turns its attention to redesigning the Printer Standard Line.
The addition of the extra large image window in particular attracts significant interest and attention.


COLOP Bulgaria

COLOP invests in COLOP Bulgaria.


Pocket Stamp

In this year, COLOP also creates a product which the market had been in need of for a long time – the Pocket Stamp for use on the go.


COLOP Romania

In 2000, COLOP Romania joins the COLOP Group. This development marks an important strategic step in Southeast Europe.


Office Line

COLOP releases another brand-new range of stamps known as the Office Line. The Office Line comprises compact plastic self-inking stamps, which are particularly suitable for everyday modern office work due to their ease of use.


Printer series

Just one year later, COLOP launches another high-quality range of self-inking stamps. Known as the Printer series, it quickly develops into a best-selling line. Today it is still the epitome of state-of-the-art plastic stamps.


COLOP Mini-Dater

COLOP introduces the COLOP Mini-Dater, which at the time was the smallest self-inking plate date stamp in the world.


Second production facility

One particular milestone in COLOP’s history is the opening of a second production facility in Borovany (CZ) in November 1993. The site starts life with just a few machines set up in a very basic building.


L Series

COLOP unveils its new L Series, the precursor to today’s best-selling Printer series.


First round self-inking stamps

The innovative creation of the first round self-inking stamps paves the way for COLOP to successfully enter the Eastern European market.


COLOP Slovakia

The company invests in COLOP Slovakia.


Management is extended

Karl Skopek promotes shareholder Ernst Faber from his role as general manager to work alongside him in the position of joint executive manager.


COLOP France

COLOP strengthens its global sales network by opening a sales office in France.


First Classic Line stamp

Since being introduced, COLOP’s first Classic Line stamp has been an ideal combination of solid metal for stability and plastic for smooth operation.


COLOP Germany

1986 sees the establishment of COLOP’s subsidiary in Germany, which remains one of the company’s key markets to this very day.



COLOP Soft launches in the mid-1980s.


COLOP distribution partners

Within a short space of time, COLOP – the newcomer to the stamp-making industry – is seen as a driving force in the sector. There are active representatives operating in several countries from the outset. These COLOP distribution partners lay the foundations for rapid growth in their respective markets.


Relocation to current site

It soon becomes clear that the company needs to significantly expand its production site so, in 1984, COLOP relocates to its current site in Dr.-Arming-Straße in Wels.



In 1981, Karl Skopek starts working as a sole trader on a farm in Fischlham, producing a new self-inking line called Quick.


Foundation of COLOP

COLOP is founded by Karl Skopek in the winter of 1980/81.