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EOS Line

Complete range of Flash Stamps

Modern and ergonomically designed flash stamps

For brilliant and sharp imprints. Quick to manufacture and available "While you wait" if required. The attractive black and white handles offer the perfect picture frame for your personal design.

Three appealing ImageCard™ designs to choose from are included

Black EOS Standard and XL stamps are made of minimum 80 % recycled plastics

X-Large formats for oversize stamping

Easy and clean re-inkink

Cover for protection and transportation

Flash stamp - what is it?

The Flash stamp has a pre-inked text plate and, as the name already suggests, is produced by using the so-called flash technology. The COLOP EOS-technology allows the production of a personalised custom stamp within a few minutes by the stamp maker or retailer directly in the shop. In addition, this technology allows the production of stamps with X-large imprint formats.

Hybrid Dater

Combines the sturdy date functionality of a self-inking stamp with the flexibility and convenience of a flash-stamp custom textplate.

  1. EOS Hybrid Dater 38

EOS Express

With the EOS Express cartridge stamps are produced within seconds. The optimised inking process makes the stamp ready to use in a few minutes. All black EOS Express mounts consist at least of 80 % recycled plastic.

EOS ImageCard™ Designer

With the COLOP software you can easily personalise the look of your EOS stamp.

EOS ImageCard™ Designer EOS ImageCard™ Designer

Our Portable EOS Products