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Certificates & Awards

Documents for COLOP's quality standards and services

Austria Quality Seal

The Austria Quality Seal for Austrian Model Companies is awarded to different kinds of businesses and entitles them to display the quality association’s seal. Like other models encouraging the continuous improvement of corporate quality (such as ISO certification and the EFQM Excellence Model), this seal gives companies a means of demonstrating that they perform at an exceptional level.

Austrian State Award

Austrian State Awards are presented by the Austrian Minister for the Economy to companies which have made a significant contribution to the Austrian economy through their outstanding achievements. The award entitles companies to use the Austrian coat of arms alongside a statement explaining that they are a holder of the award on business correspondence, printed materials and documents bearing their company name, for example.

ISO 14001

The certification according to ISO 14001 that had been successfully 2008, confirms that COLOP possesses a functioning and fully integrated ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM.

ISO 9001

COLOP's quality management system is already certified according to ISO 9001 for several years. This ensures that products and services are subjected to regulated quality criteria.

The Austrian Eco-Label

The products of the "Green Line" have been awarded the Eco-Label of the Republic of Austria by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
Products that receive this award meet strict environmental criteria, which are verified by an independent general evaluation.