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What is Marky?

Losing and mixing things up is now a thing of the past with MARKY, the practical and child-friendly marking stamp for school, sport and leisure. The special black textile ink, which has also been dermatologically tested, can be used to mark not only textiles, but also paper, cardboard and many other absorbent surfaces.

Marky, produced in Austria, is available in three trendy colours: pink, light blue and green. The set comes in attractive cardboard packaging and includes the stamp with a friendly face, a type set (with all the letters of the alphabet and funny pictograms), tweezers, iron-on tape for dark fabrics and dishwasher-safe labels. The cover included with the stamp ensures that you can take it anywhere without running the risk of getting it dirty.

We also offer a practical refill set for the Marky if you run out of stamping ink, labels or iron-on tape.

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How do I use Marky?

Simply take Marky out of the packaging, remove the cover and use the enclosed tweezers to easily place the letters and pictograms contained in the type set to create the desired imprint. A clear advantage, especially for families with several children, is that it can be redesigned and customised again and again in just a few minutes. The black ink pad with textile ink is already inserted in the stamp.


MARKY can be used directly on light-coloured fabrics, paper, cardboard, shoes and other absorbent surfaces. For personalising dark fabrics, the set includes a 1 metre long thermal iron-on tape, which is ironed on after stamping. Drink bottles, lunch boxes, pens, scissors and many other school items that cannot be stamped directly are personalised with the MARKY labels. The labels can then be put in the dishwasher together with the drinking bottle and labelled items.

"COLOP's new textile and back-to-school stamp, manufactured in Austria and containing a special, dermatologically tested textile ink, is based on a child-friendly and therefore contemporary concept that is perfectly tailored to the target market and introduces children to stamping in an appealing way." 
Jacques Ahn, Product Development and Sales Creative Products

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