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What is Marky?

Tired of losing and mixing things up? With MARKY, the practical and childlike marking stamp for school, sports and leisure, this can now be a thing of the past. Because with MARKY, the childlike textile and school stamp, marking and personalising all things personal becomes effortless. Each MARKY stamp comes with a set of fun motifs and letters. You can set your own text, name or any other personal data in no time at all and create new ones whenever you need them. The stamp ink used in each MARKY holds on textiles, paper, cardboard, as well as on the enclosed special dishwasher-safe labels, which, once stamped, can be stuck directly on lunch boxes, drinking bottles, and many other personal items.


How to use the Marky?

MARKYS can be used directly on lightcoloured fabrics, paper, cardboard, shoes and on all absorbent surfaces. For the personalisation of dark fabrics, the set includes a 1 metre long thermo iron-on ribbon, which is ironed in after prior stamping first. Drinking bottles, lunch boxes, pens, scissors and all other school supplies can be personalised with the MARKY labels. With these glued on, drinking bottles and lunch boxes can be placed in the dishwasher.

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