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Spare Pads, Stamp Pads & Inks

Quality makes the difference

Developed and produced to fit exactly for COLOP self-inking stamps

A perfect combination for perfect imprints. Impressive imprint only with the ORIGINAL COLOP spare pads.

Clean and simple exchange of spare pad

High quality ink used: Document proof, non toxic, anti dry out formula

Thousands of sharp and clean imprints

Available in 5 standard colours. Also available: 2-coloured imprints in red and blue.

COLOPs standard inks are document proof. The range also includes UV inks, archival and quick drying inks.

COLOP's stamp pads are sturdy, whether made of plastic or metal

Spare Pads

Electronically inked Original Stamp Pads offer the highest color intensity and imprint quality.

Stamp Pads

The accessory for traditional hand stamps. Available with a solid plastic- and metal housing and in 3 sizes.


To re-ink stamp pads with foam or felt pads and oil-based inks for COLOPs Flash stamps