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Temporary tattoos

Create your own style

If you enjoy decorating your skin with great designs, but don‘t want to have a permanent tattoo, LaDot is the right thing for you! Whether on the beach, on vacation, at the next festival, at the Saturday night party or the next motto party, with LaDot temporary tattoos you create your individual style. LaDot tattoos stand for an authentic look without a lifetime commitment. Depending on your mood and occasion you can always choose a new tattoo and if you don‘t feel like it anymore it’s very simple, you can remove the tattoos very easily with some baby oil or make-up remover.

Temporary tattoos with LaDot!

Use Cases

The advantages of LaDot

Unique system!

Easily apply a LaDot temporary tattoo on your skin, using a waterproof, cosmetically certified body ink and handmade ceramic stones in different sizes with various motives, hypo-allergenic and long lasting.

We use the best ingredients!

LaDot researches, develops, produces and packages its own body art products in the Netherlands. LaDot products are vegan, produced cruelty free according to good manufacturing processes and Made in the Netherlands. The ink is water resistant, but easy to remove with make-up remover or baby oil.

Safety first!

We focus on quality and test our products thoroughly. All LaDot products are strictly tested and certified according to the European legal requirements and thus comply with the cosmetic EU regulation EC No 1223/2009.


How safe is the LaDot body ink?

All LaDot products are manufactured according to strict European cosemetics guidelines and thus stand for safety and highest quality.


Why do I need to clean the skin well?

Greasy and oily skin means that your tattoo cannot be stamped properly and may smear. A thorough cleaning with skin cleansers ensures perfect and long-lasting mega-cool impressions.


How long will the tattoo last?

The tattoo will last up to 3 days, depending on the type of skin.


How quickly does the colour dry?

As soon as the motive is applied on the skin it dries within app. 5-10 seconds, depending on the type of skin.

What exactly do I need to get started?

The starter set with stamp pad and body ink, one or more stamps and for the extra glamour effect colourful liners and precious rhinestones.


Why do I always close the lid of the ink pad well?

Because the ink contains alcohol which evaporates quickly when the stamp pad is not closed. 


Help my ink pad is dry, what now?

Just refill the dry stamp pad with the body ink, wait around 20-30 minutes and then off you go again. 


How do I get the tattoo off again?

The tattoo can be removed very easily with baby oil or make up remover.

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