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Motivational Stamps

Motivate with an attractive stamp imprint!

High quality stamps made in EU

High-quality stamps with positive, motivating messages - designed for target groups like schools or use cases like loyalty programs.

Preinked – Stamp is ready to use and requires no extra ink pad

Practical storage – The enclosed plastic box is perfect to keep the stamp ready and clean when not used

Re-inkable – If imprint fades - pull of the handle and re-ink the stamp for further imprints

Round image sticker – Shows the imprint on the handle and helps to choose the right stamp

Easy handling – A simple but ergonomical handle guarantees effortless stamping

High quality inks – for brilliant and jolly imprints

Motivational Stamps

Three handle colours (blue, red, white) and seven imprint colours (red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and gold) form a colorful assortment. Customers appreciate the high quality of the stamps made in Europe, which guarantee at least 10,000 impressions with one cartridge.

Motivational Stamp Maker

Last but not least COLOP has come up with something special for stamp makers. By means of an online software called 'Motivational Stamp Maker' individual text plate designing is easy.


COLOP offers an extensive range of Motivational Stamps for each target group.