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  1. Band Stamps 52
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Band Stamps

Tradition in reliable quality

Traditional rubber stamps with deep moulded bands

For use with a separate stamp pad. Available as date stamps or numbering stamps.

Economical and functional – available in many different sizes and character measures

Special character bands are available for the majority of the models

A sturdy metal frame makes this band stamp a longlasting marking device

Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable use

COLOP Band Stamps and Stamp Pads

The COLOP Stamp Pads are the perfect accessory for all COLOP Band Stamps. They are very reliable, and are available in 2 designs and 3 sizes.

COLOP Stamp Pad Inks

COLOP's Standard Stamp Pad Inks are high quality and document proof and are available in 5 attractive colours. We can also supply special inks for specific purposes, e.g. quick drying and UV inks as well as archival inks.