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COLOP France was founded in 1991 by Christian Pradel and is based in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, about half an hour’s drive from Paris.

In 2017 COLOP recognised France as an important potential market and acquired majority shares of COLOP France. At the same time, Christian Pradel went into retirement and his son Éric Pradel took over from him as managing director. Éric, who was previously Head of Sales at COLOP France, said: “I would like to thank COLOP for placing their trust in me. Together we will be able to strengthen COLOP's position in France. Having been with COLOP France for many years, this unique stamp brand is a part of who I am.”

COLOP France currently has about 10 employees and looks after the COLOP standard stamp range as well as COLOP’s latest innovation, the e-mark, in the French market.


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6 Avenue des Marguerites, Parc activités des Petits Carreaux
94389 BONNEUIL sur Marne