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Custom adhesive plastic labels

Durable plastic labels: personalised with the e-mark mobile printer

If you need long lasting adhesive labels, which you can personalise with text, images, logos, bar codes or QR codes – you have found the right product! The labels are ideal for use in the retail sector for pricing or in logistics and in warehouse management for labelling of packages and of shelves or even for nametags in any industry.
The e-mark adhesive plastic labels come in three variations: 80x18mm, 45x18mm or 45x18mm perforated.

How do the plastic adhesive labels work?

Design your imprint as usual in the e-mark app - to make it even easier, there is a template category on our website for plastic signs 80mm and one for plastic signs 45 mm. These templates can be used as they are or edited to suit your needs.

Watch the video to see how easy the labels are to use

Special coating to make labels resistant

All e-mark adhesive plastic labels have a special coating, which makes them resistant to water and eco-solvent as well as slightly scratch resistant.

Ideally combined with the e-mark ruler

For the best results and ease of use, we recommend using the plastic labels with the e-mark ruler. This practical tool can also be used on many other occasions, such as printing on edges of packaging, on wristbands, on masks or generally, to ensure that imprints are straight.

Endless imprint design possibilities with the e-mark

The e-mark app makes unique imprints possible, no matter what you want to add to your design, your own logo, a bar code, numbering, pricing or any other important information for employees or customers.

Browse the template designs for inspiration:

Flexibility to make changes to your imprint

In an ever-changing world, it is important that our work tools can keep up. So whether your logo, pricing, organisational system, address or employee names have changed, it just takes a few seconds to adjust the imprint in the e-mark app.

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