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Setting fashion statements

Printing on clothes and fabric made easy

Hello autumn, hello long pants and welcome back long sleeved tops. When it comes to fashion, autumn is the most popular season of the year for many people.
I think I am not just talking about myself, when I think about how often I would like to let my fashion ideas run free. With the COLOP e-mark create this is not a problem anymore and I will show you a few inspirations matching the autumn fashion.
Using the app on my mobile phone, which is connected to the e-mark create, I can print anything I want on my clothes. Just how quick and super easy this is in the application, I will show you in the following video.

Those of you who think that only black and white imprints are possible will be excited that the e-mark create from COLOP is a multicolour printer. Colourful images? Or would you prefer a simple slogan? Print whatever you want!
If a print fails or you do not like it, do not panic! Just put it in the laundry or wash it by hand with soap and water. The ink stays really well, but is not waterproof! In my opinion this is not a disadvantage but a positive side effect.

There is also a nice accessory which makes it possible to print on uneven surfaces without smudging the imprint. With the COLOP e-mark Ruler you can position your imprint by putting the Ruler on the garment exactly where you want your imprint to be. Simply create an imprint, put the Ruler on the fabric, set the e-mark create on it and start printing.

IMPORTANT: The starting position for the imprint has to be set to center! This can be changed in the settings of the editor.
One thing I can promise you for sure, whether with or without ruler, practice makes perfect!!

I am very happy that the e-mark create has moved in with me and offers me a very good support in terms of fashion and textile printing. After all, I can design my own t-shirts on a whim - with just one device.

When you print on garment which has a very thin fabric, it is recommended to put some paper or card under or between the fabric layers. This prevents the ink pressing through to the other side.

Emily, COLOP Digital Intern & e-mark create enthusiast