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EOS 30


The EOS 30 is a popular Flash Stamp with a 18 x 51 mm textplate.

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Información del Producto
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Tamaño de la impresión
18 x 51 mm
Colores de impresión

The COLOP EOS 30 includes mount, catridge and foam - everything necessary for making a Flash stamp EOS 30. The EOS 30 is a very popular size as well as the rectangular Format - with its textplate 18 x 51 mm it is an often used text- or address stamp. The imprint of the stamp is sharp and clear. It is easy to re-ink and a dust cover protects it when not used. The x-large Image window can be personalised quite simply with e. g. own logo. The stamp is a modern and ergonomically designed Flash Stamp. This Technology allows an optimised handle size also for large text plate sizes.

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