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Office S 360 Fechador


Self-inking Dater with impression size of 30 x 45 mm, which allows up to 4 lines of text (2 above and below the date), for heavy duty use.

Impresión de muestra
5 líneas 30 x 45 mm

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Información del Producto
lineas de texto
Tamaño de la impresión
30 x 45 mm
Colores de impresión
Altura de la fecha/cifras
4.0 mm

This tripod stamp with date and text is one of the lightest of its kind, yet very stable and above all absolutely environmentally friendly. It is made mainly from recycled plastic (at least 70%) and CO2 neutral and has been awarded the Austrian eco-label. In addition to an easily and cleanly adjustable date, the S360 offers up to 4 lines of text, making it a perfect office stamp, e.g. for stamping incoming mail.

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