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Printer R 45 Fechador - redondo


Round imprint sized 45 mm for up to 8 lines custom text.

Impresión de muestra
8 líneas Ø 45 mm

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Información del Producto
Manejar colores
lineas de texto
Tamaño de la impresión
Ø 45 mm
Colores de impresión
Altura de la fecha/cifras
3.0 mm

The COLOP Printer R 45 Dater is a circular self-inking stamp made of high quality plastics and is part of the COLOP Printer Line. With 45 mm diameter impression for up to 8 lines custom text it offers a lot of place for information in an attractive circular impression combined with a date. It shows the date in the following format: 12 NOV 2032 in 3 mm height. The required date is easily adjustable due using the revolvable wheels. The transparent cover protects from dust and dirt. The open construction of the base allows the user to accurately position the impression on their documents.