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Printer 50


Individual custom stamp.

Impresión de muestra
7 líneas 30 x 69 mm

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Información del Producto
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Tamaño de la impresión
30 x 69 mm
Colores de impresión

Offering a text plate of 30 x 69 mm and thus 7 lines of individual text the Printer 50 is one of the largest text stamps within the COLOP stamp range. As an address stamp it offers enough space for complete contact information e.g. different e-mail addresses and phone numbers. The Colop Printer 50 is a very reliable rubberstamps with an additional benefit of a X-large personalisation feature called ImageCard™. The stamp is very easy to personalise to ones personal taste - even photos or logos are possible. Favoured for its versatility and a durable but also modern design, each Printer 50 represents an excellent solution for your printing needs. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for both private and business uses.