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Printer 20/L con Fórmulas Comerciales


Equipped with a text plate with typical words or symbols.

Impresión de muestra
14 x 38 mm

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Información del Producto
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Tamaño de la impresión
14 x 38 mm

The COLOP Printer 20/L is equipped with a textplate containing commonly used words and phrases within daily office use. More than 20 different stock titles are available like COPY, ORIGINAL, PAID, URGENT, IMPORTANT, etc. The impression colour is red to make the impression noticeable. Impression size is 14 x 38 mm - large enough to convey the message without being too big. This stamp is a practical and great for stamping messages onto paper and documents. It is often used in book keeping departments to optimise the working processes. Last but not least the Printer 20/L looks great on every desk top.