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COLOP offers a comprehensive range of modern and high quality products for diverse applications.

The COLOP Printer Line

The right stamp for every need

COLOP is one of the world's leading manufacturers of modern stamping equipment - from office to pocket stamps, from text to date stamps and from rectangular to round stamps. The product range includes a wide selection of stamp solutions for different applications and consists mainly of self-inking stamps. These are equipped with a reversing mechanism in which the text plate is covered with ink by the built-in inkpad during each stamping process.

In addition to the successful production of self-inking stamps, COLOP also offers another type of innovative stamp in which the text plate itself is already filled with stamping ink, so-called "flash stamps". The EOS Line - as these stamps are called at COLOP - enable the production of a personalised customer stamp within a few minutes.

The idea of sustainability is and always has been particularly important to COLOP. Thus, as early as 2008, COLOP introduced a product range called Green Line, which is predominantly made from sustainable materials. In 2022, an even bigger step was taken in the direction of environmental protection. All stamp products manufactured in Austria and Czech Republic, which is more than 90 percent of the COLOP stamp range, have been CO2 neutral since then.

Innovation is one of COLOP’s greatest strengths: Many of the most important new developments within the stamp industry come from the COLOP think tank. This also applies to COLOP's bestseller Printer Standard. A classic address stamp that offers the possibility of personalisation from head to toe.

The extensive product range makes COLOP a specialist for every imaginable marking requirement. Whether in public administration, in business or even in private life, COLOP's products are indispensable.