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Classic 2860 Dater


Date stamp with metal frame and space for up to 9 lines.

Sample imprint
9 lines 49 x 68 mm

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Product Information
Lines of text
Size of imprint
49 x 68 mm
Imprint colours
Height of date/figures
4.0 mm

The 2860 Classic Line Dater with metal frame is a robust date stamp which will last for many years. The rectangular impression is very large and perfect for very lots of information in combination with a date. With a metal frame and ergonomically designed plastics in the handle, the date stamp can be used to show the date as well as a company address, or other text, as required. It has a rectangular impressing which measures 49 x 68 mm, so there is plenty of room for a lot of information, making it highly versatile. The date (prints in a day/month/year format) comes along with space for custom text up to 9 lines. The large image window has the possibility to show the Impression or the companies logo.

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