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Peace, joy, egg hunt – DIY Easter gift making

STEP 1 - Preparation for your DIY project

Easter time is the right time to make your loved ones happy. The best way to do this is with small gifts that are beautifully wrapped. Luckily, we have prepared a little DIY tutorial for this in which we show you how you can easily conjure up a little Easter bunny from your gift bag. You can find everything you need on our little shopping list:

  • Paper bags
  • Natural string
  • Palm catkins
  • Paper sheets in your favourite colours
  • scissors
  • Cotton wools
  • Hot glue gun

STEP 2 - Draw the cutting template

And you're ready to start crafting! First draw a slightly curved V on your bag, which you can then cut out directly. 

STEP 3 - Make a gift bag

Now cut a piece of your natural cord and tie your bag together. Remember to fill it first. Whether it's chocolate eggs or sugar candy, you can fill your bag with anything that will make your family or friends happy.

STEP 4 - Print directly on the bag

And now it's time to use your COLOP e-mark create! Simply take your smartphone or tablet, download our free app and choose either your own design or your favourite from our ready-made Easter print designs. The rest goes really quick: transfer it to the COLOP e-mark create and wait until a signal sounds. The e-mark create is now ready to print.

STEP 5 - Personalise the tag

Now you have to cut a small tag out of the paper sheet, which you can then print directly. However, it is easier to print the template with the e-mark on the paper first and then cut it out.

STEP 6 - Final touches

In the last step, attach the tag to the string and glue the cotton tail with the hot glue gun. And now you have made a rabbit.

STEP 7 - Small TIP

Decorate it with a few willow catkins and the craft tutorial is complete. By the way: The bunny bag with the nice surprise inside is a perfect present for an Easter party with the family. We wish you a wonderful Easter season and lots of fun with the craft!