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Tampon Woodies - Plume

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  • Tampon rond en bois
  • taille de l'empreinte 30 mm
  • bois de hêtre certifié FSC®
  • verni avec une laque à l'eau satinée résistante aux UV
  • caoutchouc mousse 2 mm
  • caoutchouc gris de haute qualité pour un résultat d'empreinte optimal
  • fabriqué en Europe

Discover the timeless elegance of the Woodies stamp with the enchanting feather motif. This round wooden stamp impresses with a generous 30 mm imprint size that perfectly captures every detail of the ornate feather. Made from FSC®-certified beech wood, the stamp is of environmentally friendly quality and is coated with a UV-resistant, semi-gloss water-based varnish, which not only provides an appealing aesthetic but also ensures long-lasting use. The 2 mm thick foam rubber guarantees optimum imprint results. Our Woodies stamps are produced in Europe and are characterised by their high quality. Versatile in use, they are perfect for invitations, small tags or labels, decorations and layouts for card designs. In combination with our Woodies ink pads, which have been specially produced for this purpose, you can add a colourful touch to any imprint.

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