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Printer 38 Dateur


For up to 5 lines custom text.

Échantillon d'empreinte
6 lignes 33 x 56 mm

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Information produit
Couleur du produit
Lignes de texte
Taille de l'empreinte
33 x 56 mm
Couleurs d'impression
Hauteur de la date/chiffres
4.0 mm

Printer 38 Dater is a common date stamp (date format: 12 NOV 2032) with the possibility to add up to 6 lines of your individual text. The combination of date and text is very useful in daily office work. The open base allows to center the imprint exactly. The possibility to show a part of the imprint within the transparent window at the top of the product complete the modern and ageless design. The band cover protects your fingers from dirt when adjusting the date.

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