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Mini Dateur S 120


Stamp the day, month and year on mail and documents.

Échantillon d'empreinte
8 x 45 mm

Trouvez un revendeur près de chez vous !

Information produit
Couleur du produit
Taille de l'empreinte
8 x 45 mm
Couleurs d'impression
Hauteur de la date/chiffres
4.0 mm

This Mini-Dater from the Printer Line is your reliable partner in everyday business life, great for stamping onto any paper documents . Numbers and letters are 4mm high, overall the impression comes to a width of approximately 20 mm.
Two bands for the day , one for the abbreviated names of months and one for the year can be adjusted by turning the white revolvable wheels beside appropriate band. The year band lasts for 12 years.
A minimum of 2,500 impressions with document proof ink in excellent colour quality can be made without changing pad. Replacing the pad is quick and easy - simply push the stamp down a few millimetres , so that the text plate lifts off the pad. Push out the old pad from behind and replace with the new - finished! Like all products of the COLOP Printer Line, the Mini Dater has a particularly smooth stamp mechanism.

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